OCCT v13.1.0 – 超頻檢查工具

OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool 的縮寫) 是一款超頻檢查工具,支援 Windows 7/8/10/11。這款免費軟體可讓您檢查中央處理器 (CPU) 等系統零組件並對這些零組件進行超頻,讓它們的效能發揮到極致。


  • 支援 16 核心系統。
  • 自訂測試項目 (CPU、記憶體、電源供應器等等)
  • CPU 和主機板偵測。
  • 支援透過協力廠商的應用程式 (如 MBM, Speedfan 和 Everest Ultimate Edition 等) 來監視系統
  • 可產生圖形來顯示測試期間的溫度和電壓:這可是 OCCT 獨有的特色。


The program is a stability checking tool, free for personal use.

It comes with 4 built-in test aimed at testing CPUs, GPUs and Power supplies. The program also monitors in temperatures, voltages and fan speed, as well as system constants such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage and FPS (if testing in 3d).

It provides the most accurate error-detection algorithm for CPU and GPUs.

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