Mail Attachment Downloader v3.2 Build 1060 – email 附件下載軟體

Mail Attachment Downloader 是一款免費的 email 附件下載軟體,支援 Windows 7/8/10/11,但它只下載附件不會下載信件 (信件仍會被保留在伺服器) 且不會標示「已讀」;它不會去干擾其他任何您用來下載信件的程式。另外,您可以設定各種不同的過濾條件 (filters) 來指定想要下載的附件。

這款免費軟體採用標準的 IMAP 或 POP3 通信協定來與您的郵件伺服器 (Mail server) 交談。IMAP 提供更快速的搜尋和過濾功能,大幅改善過濾的速度。這款程式可自動根據您設定的排程在程式執行時自動下載 email 附件。

這款軟體支援目前盛行的網頁郵件信箱,包括 Gmail、Hotmail/Live、AOL 和 Y!Mail (Yahoo!Mail 的免費帳戶沒有 POP3 功能)。

Mail Attachment Downloader downloads just the Email attachments based on your search preference without downloading the mail. You can setup various filters to specify what you want to download.

The program uses standards based IMAP or POP3 protocols to talk to your mail server. IMAP provides faster search and filtering functions that will vastly improve the speed of your filters. The program can automatically download your email attachments based on a schedule you specify when the program is running.

The program works with popular web mail providers including the following:


Mail Attachment Downloader

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