TextImages v1.0 – 免費的文字圖片產生器

TextImages 是一款免費的文字圖片產生器,免安裝,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10。這款軟體支援萬國碼 (Unicode),可用來產生任何文字的圖片。文字可變更字體、大小、顏色、加粗體、斜體、底線或刪除線。它可做不同的用途,其中之一就是解決網站設計者因受到 CSS 或 HTML 格式的限制,有時無法將特定字型放在網頁中的問題。現在他們可以將特定字型的文字製作成圖片、讓它們在網頁中正確地呈現。另一用途是保護有版權的文字。您甚至可用此軟體來製作簡單的公司 Logo。



Font and Format:在此頁籤設定字型、字體大小、顏色和格式以及字體和背景的顏色。
Margins and Spaces:在此頁籤設定圖片尺寸、邊界以及文字對齊方式。一切完成後按下右下角的「Create and Save」按鈕,即可產生文字圖片並將其儲存到預設的程式資料夾底下的 output 資料夾中。

The program can create an image of any text you like with numerous fonts, margins, and more. It can be used for many different reasons, but it was designed to address web developers who are having issues placing a specific font on their website. The program allows you to get around any CSS or HTML formatting issues by replacing text with an image. Another reason might be to protect copyrighted text. You could even make a simple company logo with it.

You can create single text images with this application as well as a great number of pictures, for example from a list of your headings – of course, optionally with arbitrary Unicode characters. You can precisely adjust the writing, design, format, style, colors, fonts, margins and spacing as well as the storage format and automatically generated file names of your text images. And the tool is caring about the rest. Thus, all of your headlines have an identical format and you are saving valuable time.

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