Imagine v0.7.2 – JPG 和 PNG 圖檔批次壓縮工具

Imagine 是一款開放原始碼的 JPG 和 PNG 圖檔批次壓縮工具,支援 Windows 7/8/10/11。軟體介面親和易用,您可以拖曳或開啟檔案方式添加要進行壓縮或優化的圖片。圖片載入後,程式視窗最下方會出現調整圖片品質的滑桿,滑桿上方會顯示調整前後的圖檔大小,而視窗上方的「優化前」和「優化後」按鈕則可讓您快速比較兩者的圖片外觀。




The program is an Open Source application that can compress JPEG and PNG files in batch with options for colors and quality.

It has a modern and user-friendly interface. You can drag-and-drop your images or click on add to select images. Double-clicking on any picture will open it to the size of the app and allow you to change the background color as well as a slider to determine quality. Above that slider, you can see the file size before and currently and the percentage change. At the top, you can also find a before and after button to quickly compare how your image looks.

If you decide to batch edit your JPEG or PNG pictures, it has all the features mentioned above except for the before and after viewing. Also, the options to clear all, and three different save options (save and overwrite, save with new name auto, and export to) are available in batch mode.

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