Speedtest4Free v1.0 – 網路連線和 ping 速度測試軟體

Speedtest4Free 是一款網路連線和 ping 速度測試軟體,簡單易用又可靠,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64 位元)。它還提供一些真正會用到的功能,不含那些雜七雜八、根本用不到的功能。總體而言,這款軟體是專為執行網路連線和 ping 速度測試而設計的程式,可讓您測試、分析網路連線和 ping 速度以及檢查下載和上傳速度。它也提供精美的速度表圖形供使用者檢視。


The software is an easy to use, reliable program that allows you to test your internet connection speed as well as average ping time, plus a range of other functions.

This software application is specifically designed to carry out tests to check the speed of your internet connection and ping. It’s a handy ping and internet speed test that lets you measure your download and upload speed and has an integrated ping test in its speedometer graph.

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