Trekker v1.2 – 超大 PDF 檔快速檢視、列印、分割和合併工具

Trekker 是一款介面類似檔案總管的超大 PDF 檔快速檢視、列印、分割和合併工具,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64 位元)。這款介面簡潔清爽的免費軟體可快速開啟內容有數百頁的超大 PDF 檔,讓使用者輕鬆且快速地檢視或瀏覽內容。

這款軟體還提供數項實用的功能。除了檢視 PDF 每頁的內容外,它還可讓您列印、合併或分割 PDF 文件以及自文件擷取文字,但如果該 PDF 文件設定密碼保護、禁止複製,那麼就無法擷取文字。若要擷取某頁的文字,只要點擊視窗左上方功能選單的「Extract text from current page」(從目前這一頁擷取文字) 按鈕,程式就會出現文字視窗,讓您選取並複製部分或全部文字,您亦可將其儲存為文字檔 (.txt)。


Trekker is a freeware software application that lets you view and manipulate pdf files via a file explorer like side panel. It is designed to be light on system resources and should work on most computers that use Windows from XP or above. This makes the program handy for use as a PDF viewer and arranger for older computers, as well as for new ones. Hopefully most of what it does is easy to understand, however it comes with a built in help file that will continue to be updated based on user feedback. Many new features are expected to be added to the program as development continues.


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