Weeny Free PDF Password Remover v1.1 – 免費的 PDF 檔案密碼移除工具

Weeny Free PDF Password Remover 是一款免費的 PDF 檔案密碼移除工具,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64 位元)。誠如大家所知,PDF 檔可以設定密碼來限制編輯、複製或列印,而這款軟體可以移除 PDF 檔的所有密碼 (包括讓使用者無法開啟檔案的密碼),因而解除了這些限制。

Weeny Free PDF Password Remove 簡單易用,只要兩個步驟就可移除 PDF 的密碼。第一步是按下視窗左上角的「Add PDFs」按鈕來開啟或載入要解除密碼的 PDF 檔 (這款軟體不支援拖放功能),第二步是按下視窗右下角的「Remove Now!」按鈕。程式預設會將密碼解除後的 PDF 檔儲存在 C:\My PDF,但您可變更輸出資料夾 (Output Folder)。

Weeny Free PDF Password Remover

Do you have PDF files which can only be viewed while cannot be printed, copied, or edited? These PDF files are password secured. Free PDF Password Remover is a free PDF software to remove all the passwords and restrictions in secured PDF files.

Free PDF Password Remover supports removing PDF user password which is used to open PDF file and master password which is used to set PDF restrictions. Free PDF Password Remover can remove all kinds of document restrictions including printing, changing the document, content copying or extraction, authoring comments and form fields, form field fill-in or signing, content accessibility and document assembly.

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