Fast Reboot v1.00 – 一鍵快速重開機的小工具

Fast Reboot 是一款只要按一個鍵就可讓電腦快速重開機的小工具,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8。如果您早已對每次重新開機都要點擊「開始功能表 → 關機 → 重新啟動」感到不耐,那麼這款小巧到不行的免費軟體正好合乎您的需要。只要將它拖放在系統工作列,您就可以一鍵快速重開機。

這款軟體預設為執行安全的重新啟動,亦即若有未存檔的工作,它會等候使用者採取行動後才會重開機。如果您想要強制重開機,那麼可下載 Fast_Reboot.ini 並將這個檔案與 Fast_Reboot.exe 放在同一資料夾!

Fast Reboot

The program enables you to do a fast reboot of your Windows PC with a single click.

Tired of having to choose “shut down / restart” every time you want to reboot your machine? Just put this little tool on the task bar and with one click you will able to reboot your PC.

By default the program performs a safe restart. This means that any software with unsaved work will wait for user action before closing.

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