PhotoSketch9 v1.2 – 將圖片轉換為素描的免費軟體

PhotoSketch9 是一款可將圖片轉換為素描的免費軟體,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8。這款軟體介面直覺,相信任何人只要一開啟就知道該怎麼用,而它也僅提供單一功能:將圖片轉換為素描。

PhotoSketch9 只能以開啟檔案的方式載入圖片,不支援檔案的拖曳,也不能放大縮小,更沒有批次功能,因此一次僅能將一張圖片轉換為素描,支援 JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF 和 WNP 等圖檔格式,但素描只能另存為 JPG 檔,建議圖片的解析度最少為 800 像素以獲得最佳效果。

若您有將圖片轉換為素描的需求,那麼這款軟體是最佳的選擇之一。您只要按幾下滑鼠就能輕易地將一張數位圖片變成素描,預設為深淺度 level 9 的黑白素描,但您可調整素描的深淺度,亦可變更素描的顏色。

PhotoSketch9 is an intuitive and very easy to understand piece of software which aims to offer you a straightforward means of obtaining black and white sketches of your favorite pictures, in just a few quick mouse moves. The program features a fairly basic user interface, with no complicated features.

The main window allows you to load the image you want to work with, while from the dedicated glider, you can adjust the level of processing to be applied. PhotoSketch9 does not support drag and drop operations and batch operations, so you can only work with one item at a time. The utility supports multiple formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and WNP, yet it advises you to work with files in a resolution higher than 800 pixels, to generate the best results.

As there is no ‘Zoom’ feature, you can resort to your mouse cursor wheel to look at your photo in full, after which you can export it to JPG format, to a destination of your choice.


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