Start Menu Reviver v3.0.0.16 – 開始功能表加強工具

Start Menu Reviver 是一款可自訂的觸控螢幕式開始功能表加強工具,可強化 Windows 7/8 以及 Windows 8 平板的開始功能表功能。這款免費軟體提供獨特但直覺、親和的介面;整個介面是由可自訂的動態磚 (tile) 所構成,讓使用者可快速存取和啟動程式,以及直接從開始功能表管理、搜尋和開啟桌面程式、Windows 8 App、網站、文件、資料夾或系統設定。

The program is a customizable, touch-screen friendly tool that enhances the Start Menu for Windows 7/8. This intuitive program features a unique and user-friendly interface composed of customizable tile images to quickly access and launch your favorite applications. Manage, find, and launch desktop programs, Windows 8 apps, websites, documents, folders, or system settings directly from the Start Menu.

Start Menu Reviver

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