UnityPDF v1.0.10.0 – 功能強大的免費 PDF 工具

UnityPDF 是一款免費的 PDF 工具,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64 位元)。它提供許多足以媲美付費程式的強大功能,而且也提供安裝和免安裝版本供使用者選擇。這款軟體開啟的速度非常快,但它的介面陽春到幾乎跟其他 PDF 工具沒得比。然而,簡單的介面卻隱藏了許多實用的功能。


  • 分割 PDF 檔
  • 合併 PDF 檔
  • 擷取頁面
  • 將某一 PDF 檔插入另一 PDF 檔
  • 檢視及移除中繼資料
  • 保護及管理權限

Although UnityPDF is a free PDF tool, it provides many great features that put it on par with the paid programs. The program comes in both installer and portable versions. When the application was launched, it opened instantly, displaying a user interface that was almost bare compared to other PDF tools. However, the simple interface hid many useful features under the hood.

Following are the program´s main features:

Splitting PDF files
Merging files
Extracting pages
Inserting a PDF file into another
Viewing and removing metadata
Protecting and managing permissions


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