PCFerret v4.0.1.1004 – 免費的多功能系統資訊檢視軟體

PCFerret 是一款免費的多功能系統資訊檢視軟體,支援 Windows Vista/7/8/10。許多人不知道如何手動取得個人電腦的重要資訊。幸運的是,PCFerret 使任何具有基本電腦技能的人都能輕易取得一份其電腦的摘要資訊,包括電腦所連接的所有硬體。然而,這款系統資訊檢視軟體不只提供包羅廣泛的系統摘要資訊而已,您也可用它來執行眾多不同的功能,如排程任務、分析檔案、產生複雜的密碼及快速搜尋檔案等。

Many people do not know how to manually get all important details about their computers. Fortunately, the program makes it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to get a summary of a computer, including all connected pieces of hardware. The system information viewer does more than provide a comprehensive system summary. You can also use it to perform various functions, such as scheduling tasks and analyzing files.


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