DriveInfo v5.0.1 – 電腦磁碟資訊檢視工具

DriveInfo 顧名思義是一款可讓使用者檢視詳細電腦磁碟資訊的免費軟體,支援 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1。它會顯示磁碟中已使用和未使用的空間;您可選擇顯示所有磁碟的資訊或隱藏部分資訊。

它會偵測接到電腦的抽取式或卸除式磁碟並在各該抽取式磁碟旁邊加上一個「Eject」(退出) 鈕。

DriveInfo 亦可執行其他工作,如檢視系統正常執行時間、更換介面的顏色或布景主題及擷取螢幕指定區域。它內建放大工具,可放大部分區域,以便看得更清楚。這款軟體亦提供網頁、資料夾和應用程式的捷徑,也可讓使用者調整電源選項及查看電腦 IP 位址。

DriveInfo, as its name clearly indicates, is a small application that helps users view details of the drives in their computers. It displays the used and free spaces on drives, and users may choose to display information about all drives or hide some.

It detects removable drives attached to a computer and places an Eject button next to the drives.

DriveInfo performs other tasks like viewing system uptime, changing colors or themes of the interface and capturing desired parts of the screen. The included Zoom tool magnifies required parts to make them more visible. The application also provides shortcuts to Web pages, folders and applications. It can as well help in adjusting power options and viewing the internal IP address of a computer.


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