Folders Popup v5.2.3 – 可在常用資料夾之間快速切換的免費軟體

Folders Popup 是一款可讓使用者在常用資料夾之間快速切換的免費軟體,支援 Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64 位元)。如果您經常使用一些資料夾,那麼您一定會喜歡上 Folders Popup,它可協助您快速存取那些資料夾。這款方便又免安裝的軟體可讓使用者利用熱鍵和滑鼠快速地在常用資料夾之間做切換。

If you use some folders frequently, then you will appreciate a program that can help you quickly access the folders, and this is what Folders Popup does. This handy application allows users to move between their frequently used folders like a breeze using both keyboard and mouse shortcuts. The free portable application is designed in AutoHotkey scripting language.

Folders Popup

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